Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Making of a Caffeine Fueled Mural

Holy shnikes! Has it really been four (4) months since our last blog entry? My apologies to anyone who has actually been checking this thing.

Anyhoo, hop on the picture above for a ton of photos from the few days that Pinky (Meeseter Moostashes Kitty Meow) Taylor invaded our restaurant. For those who have seen the mural already and have been wondering, no he was not on drugs ha ha. Pinky was purely on our ridiculously strong iced coffee and coke. At one point, he had imbibed six (6) iced coffees and eight (8) glasses of coke in a two (2) hour period. This was in addition to a few root beer floats. Needless to say he was bouncing around the walls and skipping down the halls.

Through it all we've gained a crazy wall that fits into our persona perfectly as well as a great friend! Thanks to Allison and Kayley for helping us take some photos when we started getting busy =].

Check back with us soon for some photos on Kimo's imagination on one of our other walls.



_Sunil said...

No more smoochies.


pinkypop123 said...

meooow kitty luvz shabu shabu

Ivan Chan Studio said...

There's actually a state of caffeine intoxication called caffeinosis I think. Did you hallucinate? :)