Saturday, January 16, 2010

We Got Lice! We Got B-lown Lice!

Woo hoooo! After flirting and teasing him a little bit, we finally initiated brown rice into our list of offerings at Cal Shabu. We are now serving Nishiki Premium Brown Rice at *no extra charge* for our customers while each batch lasts every day. As of now, there aren't too many people asking for it, but as demand increases, we'll be steaming up more to meet up with everyone's appetites.

Olga and Laila

Olga and Laila were our first two (2) official brown rice lovers after we tested with some customers for a few days to get the water and cooking measurements down pat. Zaal, Jake, Alex, Chris, and Renewal, you guys can finally stop hounding me now. Thanks for blowing up my phone during the last Lakers versus Clippers game. As if it wasn't bad enough we got drummed by the lesser of the Los Angeles professional basketball teams (that's right Mikey, tell Blake I say, "Hi" as he surfs the bench in his Girogio Armani suit the rest of the season).


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Ivan Chan Studio said...

People actually asked for brown rice? Hm.

I thought it was just a Santa Cruz hippie thing!