Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pinky Taking Over the World (Well OK, Cal Shabu South Coast)

Pinky Taylor in the house!!! Pinky has been at our location the last couple of days painting a crazy mural. For those who aren't familiar with Pinky, he was a featured artist for Volcom, Lost, Burton, amongst other projects (click here to check out his site). The pic up top is a quick look at what he's doing, but once he's all finished, Ash and I will toss up more photos for you guys to take a peek at. Better yet, everyone's welcome to come on by tonight or tomorrow to see how thigns are coming along.

Check back soon for an update on the mural and some nice pictures of us getting blitzed at a Sake Expo ha ha.



Ivan Chan Studio said...

His work is so cool!!


edjusted said...

how did you get hi to do that mural? so cool!

puppyhakase said...

I just stopped by for the second time ever today for lunch. Me and five people who'd never had shabu before, first ones through the door.

As usual, impressed as hell with how I was treated by the owners (!!), and I think I managed to get those guys turned on to the idea.

I have to say, the murals you guys have up, the decks on the wall, the entire atmosphere just screams at me. Love it. Hope you flourish, moreso than you already have. :D

Anonymous said...

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