Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Year Anni Part 1

Yikes, that was us at 7:30 PM PST on our anniversary (click on the picture to hop to the album. Make sure to check back here soon for some more pictures, too). Needless to say, it got progressively worse from here on out.

A big thanks goes out to every one who has supported us through our first year of infancy. It's been full of bumps and brusises, but along with those, a ton of laughs, fun, and drinks...many, many, many drinks.

We hope everyone had a great time on Friday! Sorry for anybody who came around not knowing how crammed in there it turned out to be, we had no idea it would turn into such a mad house. We are truly appreciative of all the great friends and people we have met in our first year. Here's hoping there will be many more years for us to celebrate.

All of us @ Cal Shabu

Huge Ups for all the DJ's, Pinky Taylor, and "Sheric" for helping us with the first round of pictures.

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