Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Come Celebrate Our Baby Turning 1!

The year has flown by for us, so much so that we almost forgot about our one (1) year anniversary! Ash and I had been talking since March about what to do and then *WHAMMY*, it all of a sudden is a week and a half away. Fortunately we have some pretty rad friends, and we've pulled together an event for Friday - June 18th, 2010 AD!

We're going to be be throwing $1 beer, $4 pitchers, $1 sake, and free ice cream to kiddies (or those acting like kiddies who don't want to drink with us) at you all day long. Starting at 7 PM PST we will also be hosting live art exhibitions with Pinky Taylor, Karafuru, and Kimo. Spinning some sets for us that night will be DJ's: Flashpoint Grafix, Mike Ill, Wendy City, Pretty Boy Paul, and noMSG.

Ash and I have staffed up some extra people throughout the day, so feel free to cheers us! We may have to take a quick nap between shifts to recharge our livers, though. The party stops, well...when it stops! We hope to see you guys there.


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Ivan Chan Studio said...

Congratulations!! Happy anniversary!