Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vivian's a Spicy Mango

Can any guess what the picture above is? Yeppers, that's our mango sherbert with five (5) hot drops on it. I tried making it look like a sad bear, not so much. Anyhoo, the person behind this you ask?

Vivian "Bui Bui En" Peng

Since then, we've been mixing in hot drops with beer, sake, mochi...pretty much anything. I'm not sure what's going on here, but we've also been mixing mango sherbert with sake and Calpico with sake (which, by the way, is around to stay!).

The Scene of the Crime

Viv, hope school's going good for ya! See you on your next trip back down.


P.S. Visit 85 degrees for some ridiculously good pastries and cafe goodness.


viviana said...

I've been hella missing shabu so much up here. Getting mad withdrawals, especially with the cold weather. Loving the shout :) Must try the crazy concoctions next time, and come up with some new ones too!

Until next time.

ctewks said...

who is that creepy man in the picture behind you vivian!?

oh wait, IT'S ME!

holla to the hot drop!

calshabu said...

ta ma de, because of you and steph, i hear kai kai all the time at random places when it's not even being called out.

look what you guys have done.

i shall see you soooooooooon!

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Spicy = good.

That dessert sounds funky, but I'd try it! (The one with Calpico.)