Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pole Pullers

Ha ha, that's all there is to say about that picture. It looks much worse than what was really going on, which was stripping lessons, I mean ummm...yeah.

So, as most of you guys have noticed, our front parking lot has been recently adorned with beautiful new signs that boldly state "NO RESTAURANT PARKING". We've received some comments that our neighbors aren't giving us much love, but in all fairness to them, we actually called the property management company to have them put up those signs. When the weather started cooling down and water started dropping down from the fluffy grey clouds, our business began to pick up a bit. There were a couple of shifts where the front lot was packed up with our customers, making it difficult for people visiting the other shops to find spaces to put their cars into "P". Anyhoo, sorry if you guys have to walk a little bit further than usual to put your butts into "P" at Shabu, but we promise you we appreciate it (plus you're working up a little bit of an appetite, right? RIGHT?).

We asked them to put some signs up that said something to the effect of "More Parking in Rear" at the entrances of the lot, but they screwed up and plopped them into the ground right in front of our restaurant. Besides being terrible on the feng shui front, they were also terrible eye sores. We had some help from Angel and RJ on the second pole while Ash and I were able to wrangle the first pole out of the ground.

It never ends.



Ivan Chan Studio said...

You know that all this is material for your novel, right?

calshabu said...

you know that i have no writing skills whatsoever, right?

Ivan Chan Studio said...

That's not what OC Weekly thinks!