Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things are Finally Settling Down...PSYCH!

Does that hole look like it's supposed to be there? I think not. This blog entry is a bit behind schedule, bear with me a bit. So a couple weeks back, Ash and I are in the office, we sit back in our chairs and finally agree that things are finally settling down. Things are fnally running smoothly. We can finally take a deep breath and relax a bit. In comes one of our employees, drags us out to one of the drains and points out that we're backed up. Thinking that our grease trap has somehow filled up, we walked outside and noticed there was a putrid stench outside. Uh-oh.

We called OC Plumbing down to pump the grease interceptor and guess what they found. MUD, YAYYYY! Not so much. There should be nothing but water and food waste in our 1200 gallon Honda Civic sized grease trap. They snaked a camera in and just found more mud where there should have been clean pipes. Joy. Right as this is all going down, who ends up coming by for a random stop? None other than our lucky charm:

Shaun in Galoshes Ready to Get Dirty

In a nutshell, we had to jackhammer out around the entire grease trap to find out that the Ogre had screwed us once again. They never filled in the space with gravel, nor did they pack the dirt underneath the pipes. Once the concrete was poured on top of the grease trap and we rolled our cars on top *SNAP* the connections to the pipes go bye bye. Shaun and his boys had to reconnect all the piping and refill the entire hole. It was a lot of work and stinky time, but we're back in business! I'll spare you guys the details, but you can click on either of the images to check out some more pictures of what went down. Say "Goodbye" to moolah. Welcome to the world of owning your own business, I guess. Le sigh.


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Ivan Chan Studio said...

That le sux.

Dude, we both have Ogres in our past. If there's any karmic justice in the "gets hit by a bus" sort of way...I'm not wishing it on anybody, but I'm just sayin'...

Sorry for the probs and I'm glad things are cleared up. That Shaun is quite your lucky charm!