Monday, August 3, 2009

Sake Fest - One Buzzed Friday Lunch

So we're carrying a bunch of new sakes - bringing the grand total, including the original ones, to a eleven (11). I'll follow up with a post soon letting you guys know of our special sake and beer offerings. The true reason of this post is to show everyone that the group above took down all eleven sakes in about an hour and a half (with some help from our staff, too ha ha). This may not seem like a lot, but we threw down multiple bottles of almost each sake - and some of the sake bottles were the 720ml fatties, not just the 300ml or the 180ml ones, mind you. So let's all give them a nice round of applause when you see them, yeah?

One last thing I wanted to show you guys. Below is a picture of Ash, a bit fearful before slicing Kobe for the first time at our spot:


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Ivan Chan Studio said...

Sounds tasty! Are you going to do pairings with specific sake?