Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Love Our Customers...

but these kind of conversations are driving me insane:

*Phone rings at Cal Shabs*

Me : California Shabu Shabu, can I help you?

Earthling : Ummmmm, will you guys be busy today around 7:30?

Me : *Shaking Magic 8 Ball in order to tell the future* I'm not too sure, but the usual forecast says that we get busy between 7:00 to 8:30.

Earthling : Ummmmmmmmmmmm, ok. Do you take reservations?

Me : I'm sorry, we don't. Every seat is first come, first served.

Earthling : Well, what if I have a party of six?

Me : yeah, it's still first come, first served. Again, i'm sorry.

Earthling : Ummmmmmm, can you write my name on the list?

Me : No, sorry, but one of you could come early and scribble down a name.

Earthling : Hmmmmmm, could you save me 6 seats at 7:30, would that work?

Me : It would work, but unfortunately, that would be making a reservation, and we don't take reservations. Your best bet would probably be to come in a bit earlier just in case, but we do have lounge seating where you can grab some beer or sake. I also just brought in a Galaga/Ms. pac-man machine that would rock your socks off.

Earthling : What? Ummmmm, ok. Thanks.

Me : You're welcome, hope to see you tonight!

Sometimes i feel like smashing my phone against our grey tiled kitchen floor.


edjusted said...

you've probably already seen this...

edjusted said... should make a video of your phone conversation...

Mark said...

LC, we should compile a book on the many incompetent customers we encounter and converse with... for reals

Ivan Chan Studio said...