Monday, November 8, 2010

There is No Escaping the Ogre

Do you see that? That's more money flying out of our bank account because of more things failing us from our original contractor/ogre. So, this time, our sealed concrete floors were rippling and bubbling up. On top of that, the original layer wasn't as strong as we were promised, so there were scuff marks and all around ugliness on the floors.

Luckily for us, our concrete guy, Carlos was able to salvage some of the headache. Sorry for all of you that came in and ate while we were grinding away the old floors. It was so loud, my brain was shaking in my skull. All-in-all, we have nice shiny concrete floors again in our bathrooms. Now we just have to get our footprints back in there!

Oooohhh Pretty


Do you think that was going to be it? Of course not! Tune in soon to see what else has fallen apart, yay!



Ivan Chan Studio said...

I want to maim that Ogre!! Ugh.

Didn't know all this happened when I was down for Thanksgiving. :/

Ivan Chan Studio said...

That guy in the last pic (Carlos?) looks like a Mario Bro.