Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fridges Aren't Supposed to be Frozen

That, my friends, is what happens when empty plastic bags get too close to the condenser. Ash and I were drinking a beer when we looked at each other in disgust as the beer was pretty darn warm. Ash said he cranked the refrigerator down because it wasn't getting cold enough, so I strolled back to check it out. After scratching my head in confusion, I poked my head behind the condenser and what did I see? A frozen mess.

Ash and I started filling up spray bottles with warm water and began squirting and chiseling away at the ice block. As customers started filing away, we asked Jorge to finish up the job. We poked our heads back later and saw Jorge had grabbed a hose and melted away all the ice in a couple of minutes...much more efficient than spray bottles that cramped up our hands ha ha. Needless to say, plastic bags are not allowed on the top rack anymore. Our apologies go out to a few customers who had to have their beers put in ice buckets that day. Sowwie!


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Ivan Chan Studio said...

Wow, the things you learn from operating a restaurant.

The hose, though--what were you thinking with spray bottles??

Tss. Tss-tss. Tss-tss. Chip chip chip. Tss. Tss-tss.