Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chug Chug Chugging Along

Ok, ok, OKAY I KNOW! The picture makes it look pretty bad, but I assure you, we're getting really close to opening up our doors. I hope every one reading this had a great Valentine's Day! We were hoping to open by February 14th, but alas, all the delays from the last post have piled up nice and high and have caused yet another excrutiatingly painful, bile producing, and stomach wall eroding delay in our opening date.

Our induction cookers have finally arrived, we had a marathon meeting with Red Mountain to figure out our plumbing issue, and construction has actually been going at a relatively brisk pace. We're still handcuffed by some of the subcontractors for our walk-in refrigerator and our hood vents, but those suckers are supposed to be delivered and installed by the middle of this upcoming week. If you can sense the lack of enthusiasm in my tone, it's because I feel like we've let a lot of people down, including some friends (sorry Charles and Catherine) whose birthdays are coming up this weekend and a wedding rehearsal dinner party I am going to have to notify tomorrow that we won't be able to take care of them anymore. We want to get this right before, we open, so we're trying hard to remain patient and focus on finishing up everything we have left.

Just a quick update...our servers have been training at the current Fountain Valley location, so if you've seen some new faces in there, BE NICE ha ha. They're actually all doing a really great job, and should be ready to rock da house once we open.

I'll keep this sucker short since we still have many many loose ends to tie up within the next week if we are to get our pots boiling for you guys soon! I'm scared to even blurt out another date, so please check back with us soon for an update and more construction pictures. Take the jump and click on the picture above to see where we are with the inside. Bear in mind that these were taken about a week ago, so we've already made a good deal of progress since then. Any positive chi you want to push our way would be greatly appreciated!



Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hang in there! I'll be there rain or shine.


Your brother

Ivan Chan Studio said...

Hey, how about going into the layout and setting up a blog following/subscribing function for us readers?

Lindsey said...

Totally glad that you guys set a blogger account for the construction of the South Coast location! Now we can follow along and not have to interrogate your servers at the Fountain Valley location. For some reason the Kodak service isn't working on Firefox. Is there anyway that you can put them up on picasa or flickr?? That would be *awesome*. Looking forward to visiting your new location! We would walk to your new location once you guys are up and running... however, you may have to roll us home. :o)

Dee said...

I noticed that there is a Shabu Shabu opening up in Tustin California near 17th and Tustin. Do you know when they will be accepting application, and who I would have to talk to in order to obtain a job?

Please email me back at if you have any information regarding this.

Liane Schmidt said...

Dear Leonard,

The blog is wonderful and I'm so happy for you. The restaurant is going to be a GREAT success.

"Good things come to those who wait."

Blessings dear friend.



beachberry said...

We can't WAIT for this place to open!!! We live SOOO close to this new CM location and the new Santa Ana location is close to my husband's workplace. All too convenient! I hope that nothing will hold you back! We will be there as soon as we know it's open!!!

calshabu said...

@ Ivan - I'm working on the next blog post, I KNOW I KNOW.

@ Lindsey - How close are you guys to the restaurant, maybe I can get one of those red Radio Flyers and pull you guys home. I probably shouldn't drive after one of those nights.

@ Dee - Unfortuantely, the Santa Ana shop isn't affiliated with us, but a friend of ours is opening that one. I believe they're fully staffed, but you can always give them a shot!

@ Liane - You rock the house! I can't wait to see where your life is leading you in the near future.

@ beachberry - UGHHHHH! But it's finally coming together! We're looking at opening to the public next week!

Lindsey said...

The Red Flyer is a splendid idea.
Can't wait for the new location to open!!