Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Like it Rough?

SUPPLIES!!!! You see? We did come back not long after our last post, as promised. So...some time has passed since we were freaking out about all the bad juju that was flowing our way, but it seems like we have managed to stink palm some of the obstacles and have finally been making some progress these past few weeks.

One thing out of our control was the remodeling for the facade of our little shopping center. We were initially told that this would be finished by the end of August. Here we are, dipping into December, and we are finally seeing some semblance of the architect's rendering of the re-facade (click on the following image to see a gallery of the facade and restaurant interior construction):

After much back and forth blabber blabber with Shark Club, we finally submitted a signed parking arrangement agreement, in which both parties were satisfied, to the city of Costa Mesa. Then, it was just a waiting game, as we had to sit around for about a month for the agreement to come across a hearing with the city. Imagine our frustration due to the fact that we were told parking was not an issue when we laid down the ink and scribbled our names on the lease agrement. It has been over two (2) months since this whole parking fiasco began, and we finally have it all passed and signed off on. Once that was completed, our contractor was able to nab the permits from the city and, drum roll please *rat tat tat tat*:

As for what is probably of more interest to you, we have also made some progress on building out the inside of our restaurant (again, go ahead and click on the following image to take the plunge and peep at our construction)!

At this point, we're at what's called "rough" plumbing and framing. Now what this means is, the framing for all the walls have been created, but no actual walls are in place. As for the plumbing, all of the underground plumbing has been finished, but we are awaiting on an inspection from the city. The inspection is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday, December 4th, 2008 A.D.), in which they will pressure test water in the tubes - making sure we aren't going to do an impersonation of Katrina (is it too soon for this?) in our restaurant. Please keep your fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for us, for the quicker we pass inspection, the quicker we can resume construction!

As you can see, we still have a ways to go, but we are definitely started to build up some momentum and hopefully we can crash through a wall soon, scream "OH YEEEEEAHHH!", and have everyone yell "KOOL-AID!"



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