Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coming out of the Dark Ages - The Website Edition


This is just a quick little post to let you guys take a sneak peek at the initial phase of our website redesign:

We're still fiddling around with the background and the colors, but I think we're in the home stretch...FINALLY (you can smack the image with your mouse to see a larger version of the design)!

For those who may be curious, pop on over to http://www.99designs.com/ to take a look at how we ran our contest for the website. This is crazy idea and you get to see how the minds of artists work from all different parts of the world. Our eventual winner came from Espana of all places. Take a leap here http://99designs.com/contests/11671/ to see all of the artists who submitted designs. It was definitely a tough tough decision.

Hopefully, we will have the new site up soon (as long as I get off my lazy butt and start coding this bad boy). As always, thanks for stopping by to say "hello".



Ivan Chan Studio said...


I can't wait to see the web site! It looks great so far. How neat to have people compete to design it.

So when are the Spaniards coming over to celebrate their victory??

Liane Schmidt said...

Dear Leonard,

I love the winning design - looking at some of the other choices I can understand why it stands out head and shoulders above the rest.




cmonski said...